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Chagford Local History Society

This group of 15th and 17th century buildings in the High Street, Chagford, includes from the left:

Church Stile Cottage; Whiddons - once M. Parsons Tailor; the Church House now Endecott House; and The Three Crowns Hotel, thought to be the town house of the Whyddon family.

Judge Sir John Whyddon was at the court of Queen Elizabeth I. The mortally wounded Sidney Godolphin - poet and Helston MP - was carried to the porch of the Three Crowns during a Civil War skirmish in 1643.

'Thus' said Lord Clarendon 'leaving the misfortune of his death upon a place which could never otherwise have had a mention in the world'.

Chagford however has a history of greater importance than its size would suggest.

A brief update on the progress of the Chagford Heritage Centre. As many of you know there are currently major building works going on at the Jubilee Hall, which will result in an extension to include a new space for the library.  Once moved, a large part of the former library is earmarked for the new heritage centre and archive. Currently members of the CLHS committee are working on an application for a grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund to thoroughly remodel the interior, then equip and furnish the space.  If all goes well, Chagford will at last have its extensive archive stored securely, thoroughly catalogued and fully accessible to the public.Finally, the Society is soon to fully embrace the 21st century when it opens its first Facebook account. If you’re a social media person then look out for us from the end of October onwards.

To find out more about the proposed heritage centre and archive, or anything else to do with the Society, please contact me, Ralph Mackridge, through the "Contact Page" link below.