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Holdings Catalogue

Please find below a table listing the library and research documentary holdings of the Society.

The columns contain a catalogue number, item description and record type.  The listing is in alphabetical order of items within record type.

Please use the email form on the Contact Page to make an enquiry about any item. Please quote the Catalogue Number and the Item Description in your request.

Ctlg No.Item DescriptionRecord Type
136Chagford Parish slides, 4 boxes35mm Slides
156Alternator & Pulley from old Chagford Hydro PlantArtefacts
155Wool Weights (2)Artefacts
310Adkins, R. and L. The Handbook of British Archaeology (London, 1983)Book
193Aspin, C. The Woollen Industry (Shire, 1982)Book
69Baring-Gould, A Book of DevonBook
195Barlow, F. (Ed.) Exeter and its Region (Exeter, 1969)Book
79Bidgood, R. F. Two Villages: The Story of Morthoe & WoolacombeBook
72Burrows, R. The Naturalist in Devon and Cornwall (David & Charles, 1971)Book
141Chagford Diary (1989)Book
188Chubb, P. Exploring Chagford: an Illustrated GuideBook
74Crossing, W. A Hundred Years on Dartmoor (Newton Abbot, 1967)Book
76Crossing, W. Guide to Dartmoor (Edition?)Book
148Devonport Leat Archaeological SurveyBook
174Flora of Devon Vol II Pt I: Marine Algae Devonshire Association (1952)Book
180Forest of Dartmoor Commons Judicial Hearings (April June October) 1982 [Commons Registration Act (1965)]Book
73G. Thurlow, G. Thurlow's Dartmoor Companion (Edition?)Book
77Gill, C. Dartmoor, a New Study (David & Charles, 1970) (2 copies)Book
110Gover, Mawer & Stenton: Place Names of Devon Part 1 (Edition?)Book
111Gover, Mawer & Stenton: Place Names of Devon Part 2 (Edition?)Book
112Gover, Mawer & Stenton: Place Names of Devon: Maps appendix with IndexBook
186Greeves, T. Tin Mines and Miners of Dartmoor (Devon Books, 1986) Book
66Hoskins, W. G. Devon (Edition?)Book
70Hoskins, W. G. Devon and its People (Edition?)Book
309Kinghall, S. George V Silver Jubilee (Evans Bros., London, 1935)Book
78Marten, C. Devonshire Dialect (Exeter, 1973)Book
189Mineshaft Survey (Borough of West Devon, 1988-9)Book
187Newman, P. Headland Warren, Birch Tor and Vitifer Tin MinesBook
96Osborne, W. The Churchwardens Accounts of St. Michael's Church Chagford: 1480-1600 (Chagford, 1979)Book
71Rowe, S. A perambulation of the antient and royal forest of Dartmoor . . . (Edition? 1848-96) Book
308Salusberg, F. G. H. George V and Edward VIII (Daily Express, London, 1936)Book
67Varwell, E. Throwleigh: The Story of a Dartmoor Village (1938) (Hardback)Book
68Varwell, E. Throwleigh: The Story of a Dartmoor Village (1938) (Soft back)Book
75Worth, R. H. Dartmoor (Plymouth, 1953)Book
250Devon Record Office: Stopping the RotBooklet
279Firbank, Thomas: The Log Hut Booklet
258Hurn, David. The Mid Devon Hunt (1990s)Booklet
271La Touche, M. A Forgotten Road 2011Booklet
269Lega-Weekes, C. Prowse Memorials in Chagford ChurchBooklet
131Mildred Ann Hill Diary extractsBooklet
234Miller, Chris. Macnamara SeatsBooklet
256Morton, Peter. Who’s Who in Chagford (1993)Booklet
235Phillpotts, Ralegh. The Ways of the Men of Dartmoor and Devon (1948) Booklet
262Stone, Alan. The Stone Building Family and Stone’s Genealogical Tree (2006)Booklet
1241993 The Sealed Knot at ChagfordCD
12322 Mill Street New RoofCD
127Bishop's House to Monte Rosa, Part Lower Street ExhibitionCD
119Chagford Diary 2014 photosCD
126Chagford Film, SW Film & Television ArchiveCD
121Chagford Tithe ApportionmentCD
120Chapman, C. Chagford Past and FutureCD
130Eastholme and MillholmeCD
129May Day photographs (1950s)CD
128May Day photographs (2010)CD
125Old Churchyard SurveyCD
122Parish Magazines Extracts 1901 - 1949CD
197Chagford Parish Map Project: Correspondence FileCorrespondence
237Old Churchyard Survey, St Michael’s Church Chagford Drawings & Photos
204Stannary 500 celebration (1994) Video/DVDDVD
1992012 Royal JubileeExhibition Folder
4Endacott House 2001Exhibition Folder
200From Wool to Electricity: Past and FutureExhibition Folder
3High StreetExhibition Folder
10Lower Square & Southcombe StreetExhibition Folder
11Lower Street & Broomhill (XREF Bishop's House to Monte Rosa, Part Lower Street Exhibition) Exhibition Folder
1Lower Street 1-4Exhibition Folder
12Mill PondExhibition Folder
2Mill Street 1-3Exhibition Folder
13Murchington (Throwleigh)Exhibition Folder
5New StreetExhibition Folder
6New Street, School 1Exhibition Folder
7New Street, School 2Exhibition Folder
27Stannary 700Exhibition Folder
9The SquareExhibition Folder
23Endacott House 2001Exhibition Folder (Copy)
22High StreetExhibition Folder (Copy)
15Lower Square & Southcombe StreetExhibition Folder (Copy)
16Lower Street & Broomhill (XREF Bishop's House to Monte Rosa, Part Lower Street Exhibition) Exhibition Folder (Copy)
20Lower Street 1-4Exhibition Folder (Copy)
17Mill PondExhibition Folder (Copy)
21Mill Street 1-3Exhibition Folder (Copy)
18MurchingtonExhibition Folder (Copy)
24New StreetExhibition Folder (Copy)
25New Street, School 1Exhibition Folder (Copy)
26New Street, School 2Exhibition Folder (Copy)
14The SquareExhibition Folder (Copy)
192000 Millennium ProjectFolder of Photographs
282000 Millennium ProjectFolder of Photographs
266A Chagford Guide (1925)Guides
255An early Chagford Guide (after 1901) (Photocopy)Guides
257Chagford Guide (? early 1970s)Guides
260Chagford Town Trail (updated 2011)Guides
57Devon Record Office & Meteorological Library GuidesGuides
249Easton Court Hotel Guide (undated)Guides
146Information Sheets re oral & photographic recording (Local Heritage Initiative)Instructions
194Archaeology of Dartmoor: Perspectives from the 1990s' DAS Vol. 52 (1994)Journal
192The Devon Historian Nos. 79 (2010) and 80 (2011)Journal
80The Local Historian 1999 Feb., Aug.Journal
177Transactions of the Devonshire Association Index to Vols 1 - 60 (published 1957)Journal
178Transactions of the Devonshire Association Index to Vols 61 - 70 (published 1951)Journal
179Transactions of the Devonshire Association Index to Vols 71 - 80 (published 1952)Journal
176Transactions of the Devonshire Association Vols 80 - 86, (1948 -1954) Journal
175Transactions of the Devonshire Association Vols 94 - 124, (1962 -1992) Journal
252‘Chronicles of Dartmoor’ Exeter and Plymouth Gazette (Reprint 1871, original 1837)Journal Article
267Broughton, D. G. Tin working Eastern District of Dartmoor of the Parish of Chagford Proc. Geol. Assoc. (1966)Journal Article
248Letter and two photos from Miss Flood to Denis Bowles Letter & Photos
190Stannary 500 celebration (1994)Letterbox Stamps
171Chagford Parish magazines 1901 - 1949 (originals, incomplete)Magazine
170Chagford Parish magazines 1960 - 1975 (originals, incomplete)Magazine
169Chagford Parish magazines 1975 - 1995 (originals, incomplete)Magazine
261St. Michael’s Church Parish Magazine – 1915 and (cover) 1917Magazine
172Chagford Parish magazines 1868 - 1893 (photocopies, incomplete)Magazine (copy)
1321:2500 OS maps for DNP Leat Project, Chagford ParishMap
154Chagford Map by Miss F Barker (XREF Miss Barker's Report)Map
44Chagford Map: Jean Nyburg 1994?Map
201Chagford Parish Boundary Outline templateMap
202Chagford Parish Map ProjectMap
152Chagford Tithe Map 1841/2, complete, tracedMap
153Chagford Tithe Map 1841/2, farms & hamlets, traced Map
303Map of Chagford Water Courses, Town Leats etc 2 copiesMap
239Map showing numbered footpaths and description (1946)Map
300Maps 1904 RevisionMap
304Maps sundry section from large scale OS 1960Map
168Ordinance Survey map: Chagford Town Centre (2002) Permitted copyMap
167Ordinance Survey map: SX68SE (1988) at 1:10,000Map
165Ordinance Survey maps: SX 68/78 (1970); SX67 (1959); SX69 (19630; SX77 (1959) All at 1:25,000Map
166Ordinance Survey maps: SX68NE (1963); SX78NW (1963); SX69SE(1963) All at 1: 10,560Map
151OS Map Chagford Area 1936Map
145Parish Boundary Outline & Map for Chagford Guide 1985Map
265Wordquest Literary Map (2010)Map
159Tithe Map 1841/2 ApportionmentMap and papers
158Tithe Map 1841/2 Paper Copy in 2 Parts, and ApportionmentMap and Papers
8New Street School ExhibitionNotes
184Gregory's Forge: Bills and billheads found atOriginal Documents
185Gregory's Forge: School books found atOriginal Documents
246“Historical Chagford” – Robert Sampson for Chagford Guide ? Pamphlet
173Chagford Bulletins 1975 - 1995 (incomplete)Pamphlet
244Chagford Guide, 1960s, (part only)Pamphlet
259Chagford Times No. 1 (1988) and No. 2 (1989)Pamphlet
254Mr. Vinnicombe’s Concert Programme, New School ?1868Pamphlet
83Building in the DNP 1979Pamphlets/Reports
87Chagford Parish Appraisal 1982Pamphlets/Reports
88Chagford Parish Appraisal 1998Pamphlets/Reports
85DNP Chagford & NE Dartmoor Planning Study 1987Pamphlets/Reports
86DNP Chagford & NE Dartmoor Proposals 1987Pamphlets/Reports
82DNP Local Plan 1993Pamphlets/Reports
84DNP Local Plan 1995 - 2011Pamphlets/Reports
89People Talking 4 copiesPamphlets/Reports
247Church History Summary, single page (Source not known)Paper
149Census Copies 1841-1901Paper Copy
142Okehampton Union Poor Rate Chagford 1885 (copy)Paper Copy
150Trade Directories of 19th century, photocopies of Chagford entriesPaper Copy
215Bolt, B., Smith C. and P. Present and Past of Bowden's Shop Paper Photocopy
207C. A Jeffery & Sons Letter to Miss F. Barker (Photocopy)Paper Photocopy
205Cann, Robert Gidley and Pike, Susan: the children of (Photocopy)Paper Photocopy
231Change of ownership of Ebenezer Chapel – 1935, 1937, 1976, 1985Paper Photocopy
245Churchwardens’ accounts 1794, single page (Photocopy)Paper Photocopy
232Copy Fire Insurance Certificate for Rushford Barton 1922Paper Photocopy
228Education in Chagford in 19th centuryPaper Photocopy
229Endowed Charities (County of Devon): Parish of ChagfordPaper Photocopy
227Extracts from the Chagford Diary( and Parish Magazines (1868 - 1870)Paper Photocopy
225Fall of the Stannary Courthouse 6th March 1617Paper Photocopy
230Grant of “The Care House” in Parish of Chagford, County of Devon, for a school 26.1.1861Paper Photocopy
218Greeves, T. 'Dartmoor and the Tinners Charter of 1305' Dartmoor Magazine (2005) Paper Photocopy
233Indentures 1655 and 1708: Prouz to Statt or Stawte, Crosse Park.Paper Photocopy
226Market Building in Chagford SquarePaper Photocopy
216Military Convalescent Home, Chagford. Accounts 1917-18Paper Photocopy
208Moor Mason Carved Commandments, Judy Chard (Photocopy)Paper Photocopy
222Nattadon Common 1780, from M. RowePaper Photocopy
210Parish magazine cover 1868 (Photocopy)Paper Photocopy
217Perambulation Parish Boundary December 1895Paper Photocopy
220Perryman, Wallace. The Old Inns of ChagfordPaper Photocopy
221RailwaysPaper Photocopy
223Splatt Family TreePaper Photocopy
206Telephone subscribers 1925 (Photocopy)Paper Photocopy
224The New Market House 1862, from a newspaperPaper Photocopy
213Thorn, R. Methodism in Chagford (Photocopy)Paper Photocopy
219Tom Greeves’ address at the Stannary Civic Service, 10th April 2005Paper Photocopy
209Whiddon Park/ Family (Photocopy)Paper Photocopy
214Yardley, Lucy. Our Changing Countryside 1900 - 1950 Paper Photocopy
2361744 Visitation Queries – ChagfordPapers
140Air Raid Wardens List (copy) WW2Papers
183Chagford Association papers (1974-2003)Papers
117Chagford Brian Bowles' DepositPapers
268Chagford Church Wardens Accounts - Index of SurnamesPapers
95Chagford School: Endacott HousePapers
263Charity Commissioner’s Report on the Endowed Charities – Parish of Chagford 1906/7 (Copy)Papers
238Extension to Conservation Area Chagford 1993Papers
97Gidleigh ParkPapers
93Info from Barbara BoltPapers
92Memories of SchoolPapers
94Miss Barker's Report on Chagford 1941Papers
242Programme “Salute the Soldier” Week (1944)Papers
137Shoveldown Project Report (RCHM)Papers
281Chagford Churchwardens Accounts, Osborne F M (Chagford, 1979)Photocopy
91Chagford Listed BuildingsPhotocopy
113School Log Book Photocopies of Originals 1863-1892Photocopy
114School Log Book Photocopies of Originals 1892-1923Photocopy
115School Log Book Photocopies of Originals 1924-1943Photocopy
116School Log Book Photocopies of Originals 1943-1971Photocopy
240Thorn, R. ‘The Charms of Chagford’ Chagford Guide 1925Photocopy
305Tithe ApportionmentPhotocopy
241Old Fire Engine, photo (1898)Photograph
253Letters re Chagford’s Market Charter (1530) (J Rhodes, 2006)Photograph of documents, with transcription" 203,Applique by W.I. hanging in the church,Photographs 51,"Church, Bells and Ringers
50High Street, Square [Photographs Vol.4]Photographs
47Inns and People [Photographs Vol.1]Photographs
48Mill Street, New Street, Southcombe Street, Misc, Transport [Photographs Vol.2]Photographs
49School, Pool, WWII, Surrounding Area, Aerial [Photographs Vol.3]Photographs
81Stanley Memorial Stone, quarrying & removalPhotographs
302Plan and Conveyance Globe Hotel 1934Plan & Conveyance
301Architect Plan of Village Hall (Proposed) 1927Plans
157Chagford Hydro Electric Plant Plans 1940, Christy Bros.Plans
139Jubilee Hall Plans 1935 (copy)Plans
273Plan, Letters re Chagford Hall 1927 Russell BoltPlans
90Plans for Little Furlong, Chagford, 2007Plans
243Sketch plan proposed railway to Chagford (Copy)Plans
138Southill LeatPlans
144Flora of Chagford PosterPoster
45Chagford Lions 2011Regalia
312Chagford Renewable Energy Development Devon Association for Renewable Energy (2005/6)Report
311Dartmoor Hydropower Survey Devon Association for Renewable Energy (2004) Report
291 Tin MinesResearch Material
285Batworthy FarmResearch Material
212Bolt Descendants research by Barbara Bolt (Photocopy)Research Material
280Bowdens Bolts & SmithResearch Material
62Chagford Biographies: Collins, F. Whittle, Morrish Father & Son, Wilf Fitzpatrick, Sue MatthewResearch Material
294Chagford Fire ServiceResearch Material
288Chagford Leats & Woollen IndustryResearch Material
55Chagford Open FieldsResearch Material
196Chagford Parish Map Project: Working FileResearch Material
102Children's Disease Statistics 1865 - 1971: with summary MOH reportsResearch Material
98Collihole FarmResearch Material
282Collihole PapersResearch Material
283Collins JefferyResearch Material
181Cosford, Judith: Working Papers: ChagfordResearch Material
182Cosford, Judith: Working Papers: Tin WorkingResearch Material
100Education in ChagfordResearch Material
63Ellis PapersResearch Material
278Ellis PapersResearch Material
101Endacott House (Working Papers)Research Material
105Fernworthy Dam 2 volumesResearch Material
276FrenchbeerResearch Material
297Great TreeResearch Material
58House HistoriesResearch Material
59House History: Murchington FarmhouseResearch Material
147Leat Project fileResearch Material
306Lynmouth Disaster: Torr House: Miscellaneous Other Ex Alan RiceResearch Material
60Memories: Holy Street, Ring of Bells, D. Parsons, Stinial, J. Tozier, R. Thorn, J. Bowden, DrewstonResearch Material
211Mill Street research by Barbara Bolt (Photocopy)Research Material
54Misc. Research Papers, with contents sheetResearch Material
296Perrott Family 1550-1907Research Material
292Prowse FamilyResearch Material
290SouthillResearch Material
293Stanbury FamilyResearch Material
198Stannary 500 celebration (1994) Working Papers for DVD ProductionResearch Material
289StinielResearch Material
284TeigncombeResearch Material
286Teigncombe Cleave & the Fur FarmResearch Material
277Teignhead FarmResearch Material
103Throwleigh SchoolResearch Material
287Torr HouseResearch Material
298Waye BartonResearch Material
99Weekes CharityResearch Material
272Wheelwrights in the CensusesResearch Material
274Whiddon FamilyResearch Material
275Whiddon Park HouseResearch Material
295Yeo FarmResearch Material
143Sale Particulars Bellacouch, Hole, ColliholeSale Particulars
251Crossing, W. Hundred Years on Dartmoor (one page extract re Chagford)Single Sheet
29Part May Day ExhibitionSingle Sheet
61Seating Plan Endacott HouseSingle Sheet
104Census Transcripts 1851 -1891Transcript
106School Log Book Extracts 1 1863 - 1892Transcript
107School Log Book Extracts 2 1892 -1923Transcript
108School Log Book Extracts 3 1924 - 1943Transcript
109School Log Book Extracts 4 1943 - 1971Transcript
270An article on Chagford in Devon Life (1990)
56Chagford Material in Devon Record Office