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No. 6 The Square

In 2000 the Old Forge Tearoom was run by Tom and Sue Dick.

6 The Square, Old Forge Tea Rooms

Inside 6 The Square, Old Forge Tea Rooms

The deeds of 'Swindonia' carry a reference to the original forge: 29th Sept 1849 Conveyance : Peter Tarr, miller, William Tarr, his son, also a miller, pay £250 to John Hockaday also known as John Harvey for property which includes: 'one garden several years since in the occupation of Thomas Weekes and William Jury on part whereof a Smith's Shop was sometime since erected and is now occupied by one Samuel Hill. Together with the said Smith's Shop and is situate on the South Side of a Street leading from the Churchyard there towards Sutcombe Street'

The Tithe Map shows Hockaday/Harvey ownership of Smiths Shop (58 on the map)

Samuel Hill, mentioned above, and his descendants, were associated with the forge for many years until 1950. Dorothy Parsons, born in 1918, recalled, in her memoirs of growing up in Chagford, 'Hill's Blacksmiths had their forge by the fountain. Old Sam Hutchins was in charge. He welcomed all the local children who gathered there to keep warm on winter Saturdays.' Frank Hill lived at Ivy Bank as it was called (present 11 Southcombe Street, Caldey Cottage). Arthur Palmer worked for him. He lived in Lower Street.

After Frank Hill's death it ceased to be a forge. First it became a carpet shop then Mr & Mrs Williamson in 1950s, sold antiques and furniture.

Later it became a cafe. Mr and Mrs Woof were at the cafe before Tom and Sue Dick.

6 and 8 The Square: Old Forge and Moorlands Dairy
The Old Forge (No. 6) and Moorlands Dairy (No.8 The Square)